Saturday, 30 October 2010

A... banana?

Young Jack stood, slightly trembling, but also trying to slightly hide this fact from the dozens of watching princesses! He was staring the dragon in the eyes, waiting for the smallest hint of movement, ready to draw his sword, strike and then pick a princess from the crowd, maybe he would even be home in time for dinner. It felt good to be a real hero! The dragon's eyes moved, they narrowed ready to attack and jack drew his sword and...KNOCK KNOCK, there was someone knocking at his window. It wasn't until Jack realised that there were no windows in the open field where he was fighting the dragon that he understood he had just been woken from a terrific dream! He looked at his watch, which told him it was 4.05am!! Now he was annoyed for two reasons. First, he was interrupted in the middle of a fantastic dream, before he even had the chance to pick his princess and secondly, the more practical reason, that it was 4.05am and he had an important day at school tomorrow, it was his turn to do a presentation on the endangered white rhino!

Grumbling to himself he got out of bed and peeled back the curtain. This revealed a pair of huge, curious eyes, a nose psuhed up against the window pane so much that Young Jack could see up its nostrils and a long grey beard. Basically it revealed Old Jack, looking just as stupendous as ever!
"What do you want?" Demanded Young Jack sleepily.
"I have something for you, open the window." This made young Jack slightly less agitated, everyone loves recieving presents afterall! He opened the window and was presented with a box, wrapped in golden paper. Hurriedly he opened it, thinking that anything that was wrapped in golden paper had to be something special! Underneath all of this shimmering paper there was a wooden box, with ancient carvings on it, this had to be good he thought! He looked up at Old Jack who was watching him eagerly, waiting for him to see his gift. Filled with excitement Young Jack ripped off the lid to reveal...another anti-climax, this time in the shape of a banana!
"It's a banana..." he said to Old Jack, pointing out the obvious.
"No it isn't" replied Old Jack seemingly hurt by the fact that Young Jack assumed he would give him a gift as rubbish as a banana.
"Yes, it is."
"No, it isn't."
"OK, then what is it if it is not a banana?"
"well" began Old Jack, "it's a type of walkie talkie, moblie phone kind of thing."
"Oh" said Young Jack, suddenly interested, "but why is it shaped like a banana?"
"You see Jack, hundreds of Japanese scientists will spend their entire lives searching for the perfect shape for a mobile phone, they will never find it, because in their love of plastic they neglect nature. They are blind to the fact that the perfect shape for a mobile phone is infact a small banana." Young Jack had to admit that this made sense, he was hoping, however, that this didnt mean he was becoming too similar to Old Jack.
"One more thing," he said, "why did you have to come here at 4.05 in the morning? It's a silly time to go knocking on people's windows!"
"You see Jack, i love this time of day. I like to study the world, to escape the hustle and bustle of rush hour life and be at ease, able to walk as slowly as i please without bothering the angry mob. The world's back is turned at this time of day Jack, it is sleeping, and that is the best time to study it. The stars are like numbers, chalked into the huge blackboard we call the night sky.
"Now, i am going, i wish to spend more time doing the equations of the stars, I shall see you tomoOOOOOOOOOO..." CRASH! Young jack hurriedly looked down, to his amazement Old Jack had neglected the use of a ladder and instead had stacked lots of wheelie bins on top of each other to get to his window, now he was paying the price for his stupidity!