Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Chapter 1

It was cold! Too cold for Jack to want to go out. So cold in fact that the thick, dense snowflakes had been falling for 2 days now. This meant Jack didn't want to go out which, admittedly, for an 11 year old was quite remarkable. Sitting on his bed and reading about Vikings he was distracted by the noise been made outside in the street. Most kids Jacks age love snow, as i'm sure you know, and the street was full of children screaming and shouting, hurling snowballs at each other and making snowmen. This was slightly annoying to Jack, but he was just beginning to get used to it (it was to be expected afterall) when all of a sudden he was shocked by the huge "SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECHHHHHHHH!!!!!" of a car quickly braking! He made it to the window just in time to see a fat, little bald man who was red in the face shouting,
"if you throw one more snowball at my car i'll tell your parents!"
Then the inevitable happened, Jack heard another snowball (in fact it sounded more like an iceball, which of course is just a snowball thats been left too long) hit the car, closely followed by the sound of laughing children running away.
"What an idiot!" Jack said to himself "He was clearly asking for that by stopping to tell them off." He shook his head in wonder at the stupidity of some grown-ups, causing his long brown hair to fall in front of his eyes. He quickly tucked it behind his ears and carried on trying to read his book about Vikings.

What great and magnificent adventures Vikings went on! And what a heroic thing war used to be before guns and bombs were invented! Young Jack often thought that he was born in the wrong time. He thought he would make a great Roman Gladiator or a Viking...or even a swashbuckling pirate! Maybe even a knight rescuing damsels in distress or one of Robin Hoods Merry Men helping the poor! With a heavy sigh he stopped day dreaming and settled for second best, picking up his Viking book. Though just as he was getting to a good bit, a fight between Helga the Horrible and Nina the Nice, he was distracted by another "Screeech!" only this time it was coming from downstairs! In his own house! That meant that it muist be his mother, so he rushed downstairs to help her, expecting to have to confront a big hairy spider! Like a Viking he never went into battle unarmed, so he grabbed a piece of card (his shield) and a glass (his sword).

These weapons, however, weren't needed. There was no big hairy spider to battle. All he could see was his mum, jumping up and down on the spot and screaming,
"I'VE WON!! I'VE WON!!" The telephone was laying on the floor off the reciever and on the television and woman was saying to the camera,
"Congratualtions to Hannah Littlewood from York, she has just won our holiday for 2 to South Africa!"
As Jack's mum jumped Jack's heart sank. South Africa..."how lovely" he thought to himself, "if only we didn't have to go on a big piece of floating metal to get there..." He pretended to his mum there was no problem, he didn't want to upset her of course, so how could he tell her he was terrified of flying?

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